This is a gallery of projects from digital signage to web-based internal communications, tradeshow displays, and more.

This gallery is a selection of projects mostly made in Brazil with our customers and partners. If you are abroad, do not hesitate in contacting us as we have a great expertise in working with partners worldwide.

We can help you achieve a great design for your idea — and as well to support your institution to implement a robust solution that can reach a great impact with users.

This gallery is a selection of projects we have made in Brazil, so far. For additional information, please call us at + 55 (16) 9 8123 3210.


Oracle Leaders Circle

a 250 people dinner event entitled Oracle Leaders Circle, featuring a dashboard with real-time Twitter updates.

Evento Latinoware

Latinoware, Foz do Iguaçu. Um dos maiores eventos de tecnologia da informação, com 8 totens de TVs duplas.


Destaque para o Aplicativo do FISL, Fórum Internacional de Software Livre, em Porto Alegre.


Porto Alegre, mais de 6000 pessoas por 3 dias no Centro de Eventos PUCRS


Web TV vertical com programação em tempo real com 17 salas de palestrantes simultâneas.


Web TV horizontal com foco para programação das 17 salas de palestrantes simultâneas.


Experiência em tempo real, na finalização do evento.

Stand Tela Social

Experiência multi-telas em tempo real: grade, Twitter, Instagram, e notícias.


WebTV social Sematron: Flickr, notícias do site, grade de programação e segmento de patrocinadores.

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Web standards at the core of Tela Social

Tela Social blends web interaction and open standards with digital signage. It's a communication system tailored for spaces and demands for modern forms of communications — wall screens that seamlessly display custom content plus integration with social-aware feeds from the Web. We offer a solution that helps companies to communicate better with their community.